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dunananah dunananah california! (cue oc theme song)

19 Jun

spending a few days in claremont, california which is a really nice suburb of la. just love la traffic. makes my atlanta traffic not so bad. everything “freeway” is either 05 or 10, though which i don’t think makes for easy navigation if you’re not a local. i’m not such a big fan of la but claremont is really beautiful. close to the mountains and it feels like you’ve been time warped back to the 50’s.

pretty excited because i’m staying off the infamous route 66. quite exciting because almost everything is route 66 something. there are probably like 500 route 66 dry cleaners.


so i guess i’m a narcissist

19 Jun

i always thought blogging was extremely narcissistic. you had to have a lot of self importance to think that other people wanted to read about you. i recently decided that i wanted to keep a log of my travels — favorite restaurants, photographs, experiences. i thought about a travel journal but opted for a blog so that when my friends and family asked “where are you this week?” i could say “check out my blog and you can see pictures.” a little self-serving but nonetheless here i am in the blogging world. stay tuned.