nashville, etc.

5 Nov

this week i’m just a short drive away in nashville. it’s great to be able to drive and miss out on the airport for a week. not really looking forward to my trip to middle of nowhere nebraska next week. good folks, but long days of traveling and not much do to at night in chadron, ne.

in other news, wanted to post a few more things from the homefront. after buying the house, we started a two-week work blitz to get everything ready for our move in. weekend one we painted, painted, painted. my mom came into town and we cut out fabric for roman shades and she cut out all the walls for painting in the kitchen and office. on the second weekend, my dad and alex’s parents came up for some physical labor. alex and his dad knocked out the tile backsplash in our kitchen in no time. those two worked so well together and did a great job!

House, etc. 048House, etc. 047

not only were they able to get this done quickly, they also were able to save us a little $$$ on labor in the process. thanks guys!

ps — if you’re ever in nashville and are craving great southern cooking i HIGHLY recommend Monell’s. we took a field trip there for lunch yesterday and this family style restaurant lived up to its hype.

pps — belated happy halloween. alex was adam laroche (check out his homemade unibrow for authenticity) and i was a geisha.



One Response to “nashville, etc.”

  1. Alex November 7, 2009 at 2:25 pm #

    LaRoche doesnt have a unibrow – just raw homerun power.

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