planes, trains, and automobiles. but mainly planes.

16 Nov

i spend a lot of time in airports. i spend a whole lot of time in good ole hartsfield jackson. over the past 3 1/2 years of travel i’ve learned to navigate the atlanta airport better than my local grocery store. with the upcoming holidays i thought it appropiate to write about a topic near and dear to my heart. so here are my insider tips to getting through the atl airport without a gps.

1) this is more self-serving than anything, but read the TSA regulations about what you can and can’t carry on the plane with you. no, you may not bring your 20 oz icee. yes, you have to take off your shoes. yes, you must put your laptop in a bin all by itself.

2) personally, i think the train system in the atl airport makes it the easiest of the large airports to go through. follow signs to the train and hop on. from one end to the other it’s about 5 minutes but rarely do you have to go all the way from e to baggage claim. well, unless you are going somewhere cool and international and then i am insanely jealous.

3) don’t feel like you have to stay in your terminal. there are going to be delays. i can count on one hand how many times my flights have been perfectly on time this year. so why hang out at your gate for four hours? see above post about the trains and hop on to any other terminal to check out shops like lacoste, bath & body works, brooks brothers, sean john, etc. the best part of this airport is the abundance of choices.

4) food. yep, another awesome thing about this airport. here’s kate’s insider tip. pascals. concourse a. heaven. hands down my favorite place to eat. it’s just like your momma cooks for sunday night supper. newly added savannah candy kitchen in concourse b is also a personal favorite. they added this the month before my wedding and i let the lady at the counter know that that was not a nice thing to do to a bride. she laughed at me as she handed me my divinity.

the usual chains exist, too. chili’s too, budweiser brew house, nathan’s, burger king, the concourse e food court is probably the largest of the 6 concourses. i don’t spend a lot of time in concourse t but every time i walk through the food options look pretty yummy. more “gourmet” than some of the other mainstream options.

5) don’t stress. life happens. getting angry or frustrated never helps. just keep in mind that you will (eventually) get to your destination so why not head over to the sweetwater ale house and relax with a cold glass of sweetwater 420 to make the time pass.


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