miami? eh. joe’s stone crab? awesome!

20 Nov

i don’t love miami. sorry guys, even though south beach is beautiful and i’m usually a big fan of any city with 1950’s architecture miami just doesn’t do it for me. maybe it’s because i hate the airport, and the ensuing rental car area cafluffle, or maybe it’s because my espanol is no bueno.

what i do absolutely love is joe’s stone crab. it’s a mini chain (which doesn’t break my chain rule because we don’t have one) and it’s delectable. they are only open during stone crab season to make sure maximum freshness is preserved. i personally love joe’s to go because i can grab it, run back to my hotel, and catch the latest episode of glee while enjoying seafood yuminess. you can even order online and have stone crab delivered to your house. just in case any of you were wondering what you should get me for christmas. or my birthday. or presidents day.

my personal recommendation? skip the stone crab and go right for the king crab. i prefer hot to cold crab legs and crave the butter over the mustard sauce served with stone crab. the sides are served à la cart — don’t miss the tomatoes. cheese covered grilled goodness. and their key lime pie might rank as my number 1.


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