on the homefront . . .

21 Nov

mom came up last week to help work on the curtains for the kitchen area. she was able to finish 4 panels and get a jump on the roman shades that cover the kitchen windows that overlook the street. here’s mom slaving away on the curtains.   

 but even though the curtains are completed i’ve run into a little snafu. the mega windows in the dining room area measures 155 inches. yikes. no curtain rod from lowe’s/target will work. so we can either make one or go with two shorter rods. what do y’all think?

the long-term plan is to change the windows out for a set of french doors, but that is likely a few years off.

we’re in the process of having some super fabulous 1980’s mustard yellow velvet chairs recovered and i’m just crazy excited to get them back from the upholstery dude. two weeks is a long time but i’m going to hold out on the before and after until i get them back. i also learned in this project that it is possible to get high gloss paint out of micro suede. i’m convinced micro suede is indestructible.

i recently completed a mini project involving high gloss spray paint and a hand me down lamp. i’m in love with anything high gloss now. from my desk to my upcoming upholstered chairs. alex’s aunt jerrie was kind enough to give us a few things when we moved in. i knew right away that one of the lamps would make a great diy project. i bought a can of high gloss white spray paint intended for metal and went to town. i topped it off with a great shade form target and it’s found a home one the table behind our couch.

this guy was originally brass and shade-less. i’m loving the shape and the clean, modern lines.


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