christmas parties round 1 and 2

14 Dec

this weekend we attended two christmas parties — our neighborhood extravaganza and alex’s work party. saturday we drove to one of the most original parties i’ve ever attended. my creative husband recommended (and i’m shocked that his work followed through) with a holiday party at medieval times. we had the best time! the food was surprisingly good; tomato soup, literally half a roasted chicken, ribs, roasted potato, and dessert.

here’s our knight: the black & white knight. i’m really wondering why they had a black & white knight but not a black or a white knight.

and here are most of the 6 knights. apparently they have 22 stables on site. and by on site i mean in discovery mills mall. interesting, right?

and guess what? the black & white knight totally took out the evil green knight to win the tournament. wahoo! here’s us with our winning knight.

highly recommended by the butlers!

our second christmas party was hosted by one of our neighbors and was our first official get together with the folks that live on our street. we learned there’s an upper and lower side of the street, everyone knows what everyone else’s house looks like, and we have a really great group of neighbors! i didn’t take any pictures because i didn’t want to seem like the creepy new neighborlady but we were super excited to meet our fabulous neighbors.


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