it’s a bit of a process . . .

18 Dec

about a week after we moved into our house we realized our pantry was not going to work out. it had potential, the size was great. but the shelves were very skinny and narrow. we couldn’t see what was on the back of our shelves much less make a grab for anything. the half without shelves was a bit useless because we put a shelf in our storage room for our broom/swiffer, etc.

about three weeks ago, when i was in michigan, i got a frantic call from alex. he planned a surprise for me, reorganizing our pantry with elfa, but it had gone awry. the divider between the two sides would not come out.

see, what we didn’t realize when we bought our old house is that yes, we would have issues with electrical and installation of appliances. what we didn’t think about was that house built in the 1950’s are extremely well-built. as in plywood wasn’t really an option. so what we thought was mdf separating the two sides was really about two inches of solid wood. yikes.

alex got to buy a new power tool (skil saw) to finish the job and as of last night we now have a brand new, organized, elfa’d pantry. i heart elfa. anyone with an old house should also love elfa.

que hallelujah chorus:

after christmas they’re going to have a 20% off of anything elfa. you should check it out.


One Response to “it’s a bit of a process . . .”

  1. mom December 20, 2009 at 9:10 pm #

    Wow…come work on my pantry, please! It looks great and is a really big improvement!

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