christmas cheer

24 Dec

i work with some fabulous women. i had a few of these women over to my house on saturday night for dinner.  i made this lasagna recipe and it was fantastic. i’ve never made lasagna from scratch (and was tempted to pick up stouffer’s about half way through my grocery store run) but there was not a lot of kitchen labor. maybe 10 or so more minutes than spaghetti for prep. i stayed pretty true to the recipe this time but i’ll confess, i didn’t grate fresh nutmeg into my ricotta as recommended. but i think it was still a success. here are a few pictures:

shawnta, alex, and tanyika. alex is showing off my peppermint bark. i guess she liked it?

i’m wearing turquoise tights in this picture and i wish you could see them. tights are my absolute favorite part of winter and i wish colored tights were in style every year.


One Response to “christmas cheer”

  1. Stephanie December 24, 2009 at 8:44 am #

    Hello my friend! Love the house, especially the black and white and blue! Hope married life is just as you hoped! Please send me your new address, via facebook or email. I have some much needed gifts to send your way! Better late than never : ) Hope you and Alex have a wonderful First Christmas Together! Miss you and love you! Hope to see you soon!

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