home for the holidays

29 Dec

ahhh home. and i mean generically greenville. specifically, mom’s and now the butlers.

again, i am so thankful we share the same hometown. i was able to drive back and forth to both houses all week-long. what a treat. we decided to spend christmas morning with my family, we have the only child, and christmas afternoon with the butlers. then we packed up and spent the day after christmas with the extended butler family. alex and i celebrated christmas four times in one week. tough life folks.

christmas morning with the hunter’s:

dad is our official gift distributer

audrey did not take off this dress all day

chloe found a way to rest her tired little head

mom opening her can opener or book. can’t really tell but i promise she’s excited. really.

uncle thomson was pretty psyched about his carolina snuggie

i have no idea what alex is advertising but chloe sure looks cute!

three generations of hunter women

i was a bad photographer and forgot to take official photos of the present opening at the butlers, but here are a few of alex and the butlers puppy jezzabelle as well as rachel and the puppy. and i mean puppy figuratively.

and the extended butler/wallace gathering in columbia:

mr. b opening up his dirty crossword puzzle book. scandalous.

jezzebelle checking out abby

alex’s aunt gerrie with her gorgeous bouquet of flickers. yes, there’s a story. 🙂 this photo cracks me up and i think it perfectly captures his aunt’s spirit!

whew. i’m tired.

about an hour after these last photos were taken i made the trip to nashville. photos from the trip to come. i’m thinking of doing absolutely nothing for new years. no car. no plane. nothing but me, my dog, my husband maybe a bottle of veuve clicquot  and the couch.


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