music city bowl part one

29 Dec

ashlee and i arrive in nashville saturday a little exhausted but excited to be there. we’re thinking of going to bed early so that we’re bright and cherry for the bowl game. ha. we should know better.

we get a call from a friend encouraging us to come out. we think we’ll just head out for a beer and call it an early night. ha. we should really know better. bar number 1 with hot pink cords rocker girl. she was pretty good.

ashlee wasn’t brave enough to take a picture with her. that’s okay, her courage increased greatly as the night wore on.

the next thing i know ash is asking why the bars don’t close at 2. yikes. and for all those folks who don’t travel to nashville very often, nashville is a ridiculously good-looking city. half way through the night ashlee declares she is moving there.

bar number 2. the sign reads no food, booze only

we had the best time listening to bands and dancing the night away.

and again

and the tv in the bathroom stall. wow.

and i had to get a picture of this fashion don’t. please don’t ladies.

stay tuned for the game day rundown.


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