hello old friend . . .

7 Jan

today i drove to where my heart belongs. home of this fella:

and the largest cable-stay bridge east of the mississippi: (alex aren’t you pround i knew the correct term)

charleston. of course, i’m here for work and every second of my trip is scheduled. but just the smell of the salt warms my bones. i remember when i came home from a week on the road, i would roll the windows down and soak in that smell.

but of course it’s not the same charleston. i can’t drive over to my friend’s house for dinner because she’s moved on. and i’m not staying with my roommate extraordinaire uncle thomson. and i don’t have to drive over the dreaded don holt bridge to work. but something about this place. maybe i can make a detour to cupcake. think my boss will notice if i am a few minutes late and on a sugar high?


One Response to “hello old friend . . .”

  1. Mom January 18, 2010 at 11:04 am #

    I definitely understand…the smell of the puff mud reminds me of wonderful days living in Charleston. Guess I’ll retire and live with Thomson one day…and be the old lady picking up shells and such on the seashore.

    Maybe we can all do this!

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