12 Jan

the past week has flown by. i had a little self-study/prep time at home last week and alex and i were able to cook a few yummy meals. i made an especially good shrimp risotto. equally as good? this recipe for tomato soup. it was rich, creamy, and perfect for this cold snap. i think the secret is the sundried tomato. alex whipped up a grilled cheese to accompany the soup. we stuck with the traditional cheddar but i think goat cheese would have been an unexpected twist.

on thursday i drove down to charleston for a big work conference. first trip of the year! yahoo! i got to see a lot of amazing people that i only get to see once a year. here’s a little taste:

and looking a little silly here

gotta love the corporate theme

and i promise i remember taking this picture. umm hmmm. they look quite cheery, don’t they?

and to celebrate the hubs’ birthday today we dined out at the atlanta fish market. appetizer and desert? d-. main course? a+

this weekend mom and audrey (my niece) are headed to atlanta for the weekend. audrey says she’s taking me to the aquarium for my birthday. 🙂


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