and then there were curtains (roman shade edition)

19 Jan

decorating is a process. and that’s really, really difficult for me. i like things to be done. if it were up to me i would take off work for like a month and get everything done in one fell swoop. but then there would be no money for said decorating. c’est la vie.

this all started back in august when my buddy jacqueline helped me figure out which fabrics would work for our new kitchen. i ordered all my material from and was ready to go. i just needed labor. 🙂 mom started the roman shades back in september when she started working on our striped panels. she used these directions and while looking a little confusing, she felt confident she could tackle them.

so here’s the process via pictures:

glueing the dowels for perfect folds 

alex installing (love the plumber’s butt)

all in

alex demo’ing their functionality

both sides looking beautiful

ahhhh love. thanks mom!


One Response to “and then there were curtains (roman shade edition)”

  1. Mom January 19, 2010 at 5:06 pm #

    It was a pleasure…just don’t farm me out to your friends!! I enjoyed doing them and was so happy to see them finally up. Your home is beautiful…I love it, too!

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