january book review

29 Jan

one of my resolutions was to read a “non-murder mystery” each month. book #1 was julie and julia. and no, i didn’t cheat and watch the film. i still haven’t and i’m not sure i want to.

what i did love was the book. i love cooking and trying out new receipes. i’m slightly neurotic like julie and i would spend every cent i made on delicious food just like julie. watching the movie preivews i expected julia to be more centeral to the story. julia child is what the books all about but very, very few scenes were from her point of view.

so what’s it all about? basically, julie is at a turning point in her life. she has a dead end job she hates and feels a need to do something more. she stumbles upon the art of french cooking volume 1 and finds a purpose; she will cook all 500+ receipes in one year and blog about her process. she’s a quriky thing and you can’t help but fall in love with her. you’ll laugh at her struggles killing lobsters and want to cry with her when she’s stranded in new york and must wait hours for a taxi in clothes that have become too small due to said mission.

i’ve just found out that the real julie has taken to working in a butcher shop in upstate new york and published a followup in december. that must be on the book list later in the year. here’s a link to the original julie/julia blog.

kate’s opinion? thumbs up!

up next: the help by kathryn stockett


One Response to “january book review”

  1. Stephanie February 28, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    The movie was really good! I watched it with a friend of mine that has Vol. 1 and 2 of Julia’s cook books. You should watch the movie, I got some good laughs from it! : )

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