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to rug, or not to rug?

15 Feb

i really just want to finish one room in our house. but i’m too ADD to concentrate on one room long enough without finding something cool for another. i’ve become obsessed with rugs and lighting lately. and i’m thinking i may branch out of my black and white color scheme in the dining room for a punch of yellow. crazy, i know.

i was inspired by this blog and her home office/guestroom and a kitchen in diy magazine that is MIA online

so here’s what i’m thinking:

or maybe

or do i stay true to my black and white color scheme and go with this guy:

i’m having this same jekyl/hyde decision-making with our master bedroom rug as well . . .


i spoke too soon

12 Feb

i made fun of the weatherperson and because they claimed atlanta was going to get snow. 9 – 11 this morning came and went and not a flutter. two hours laters and the fluffy white stuff won’t stop coming down. i guess this means our tree cutting project gets pushed back.

chloe the snow dog 🙂

i blame this on you mr. groundhog.

pro, con, pro

12 Feb

the past week has been full of lots of unexpected surprises. not all surprises are good and i’m trying to keep positive. i’ll revisit old school sorority style with pro, con, pro format.

pro: we had sunny days twice this week!

con: that tree that fell down last week? insurance won’t cover removal so alex and i have a date with chainsaw saturday.

pro: i guess lugging branches will make my arms stronger.

con: our insurance and taxes went up on our house.

pro: we’ve filed our taxes and waiting anxiously on that first time homebuyers tax credit.

con: that tax credit is taking 2 – 3 months to return.

pro: we’ll have made more car payments = less car to pay off?

con: our gas company decided to skip sending bills in december leaving a 2 month bill of almost $500!!!!

pro:  we were very warm in december and january?

con: kinkos/fedex has the worst customer service ever. literally ever.

pro: office depot saves the day and rocks my socks off!

life happens.

spinning? more like ouching!

11 Feb

okay, so in my quest to find a gym-home i tried out the beginners spin class. strike that, alex and i tried out the class. at 7:30 am. and it hurt. yes, it was a really tough workout. i underestimated that. i should have known anything that burns 500 – 800 calories an hour would be a kickyourbutt workout. what i didn’t count on was the severe pain in my rear end. it’s been 2 1/2 days and it still hurts. everyone says it gets easier but i’m not entirely sure how i feel about that. do i really want to get used to my rear end hurting every time i sit?

we were only on our bikes for 30 – 45 minutes and really pushing for about 15 and it was TOUGH! i’m not entirely positive i could make it through a full hour class.

i love a finished project!

5 Feb

the dresser project is finally complete. two weeks after we picked her up she has found her new home in our master bedroom. i learned a few things along the way but first, here’s her transformation.

before:                                                                                                          after:

and in her new home:

product reviews:

the good:

benjamin moore high gloss metal & wood enamel paint. i probably could have used this alone without primer and it would have turned out great!

whizz roller system rollers for doors and cabinets. this made the tops, sides, and front of drawers easy peasy!

the bad:

valspar white paint. i won’t go into details but i had a rough go with both the paint and primer.

the ugly:

minwax polyurethane high gloss. this dried very, very yellow.

rain, rain go away

5 Feb

i’m sitting in my den just minding my own business when i hear a few loud “whomps.” it’s scared me (and chloe) but i checked it out and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. then about thirty minutes later is heard a very large “crack” and saw our leaning tree falling down in our backyard. i almost have a heart attack but recover when i realize i’m okay, the house is okay, chloe is okay. phew.

i check out the damage and it looks like our tree lightly skimmed another tree, but other than that no apparent damage. somehow the fallen tree missed both sides of the fence. so i call the homeowner’s insurance company and because of our good luck with missing the fence/house we’re on our own. i’m thinking a big chainsaw/tree cutting down party is in order.

full length of our full backyard:

Up Close:

and here’s the tree that was knicked:

if anyone has a giant chainsaw they want to let us borrow please let me know!

if it ain’t broke . . .

3 Feb

you know what they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

i don’t know why i strayed from benjamin moore paint. convenience? cost? either way, BIG mistake. i purchased lowe’s house brand paint and minwax polyurethane. yeah, after 5, count ’em 5, layers of paint, i was ready to poly. one round of drippy, thin poly and my good-looking white dresser was yellow. i like yellow but not on my WHITE dresser. i wish i would have taken a picture or two but i was just too angry with myself and minwax to think straight.

my only quam with my new high gloss paint is that it’s oil based. not that i hate oil based it’s just a big pain in the rear to clean. i’m pretty sure the paint pan my not be retained after my next coat. but that’s okay, it’s worth it. it’s thicker, stronger, and overall just looks better.

back to benjamin moore i go for high-gloss white paint. yes, BM paint is a lot more expensive ($50 for one gallon of oil based paint vs $50 for 1 gallon generic primer, 1 gallon valspar paint, 1 qt minwax poly) but i’ve put on one coat of old faithful and the difference is amazing. so enough of my commercial and love for benjamin moore, i’ve got one last coat to finish the job. hoping to have this knocked out today and in our room tomorrow! wahoo!