dear j crew

2 Feb

i used to get soooo excited when i received your catalogues. i would race back from the mailbox and pour over page after page. i would lust after at least 50 new items and count they days ’til they went to your “final sale.”

but lately, you’ve been a disappointment. you’ve taken heroine chic to a new level. when you’re casting do you specifically look for women over 6 ft that wear a 00? they make 30″ hem lines look like miniskirts. and that’s just a little silly. on top of that, you have models with bad posture. being slouched over doesn’t hide the fact they need to eat a cheeseburger.

but what really has really killed me is your styling. see exhibit a below:

since when does a young businesswoman need to dress like miss hanigan from annie to be stylish? i won’t even start on how i feel about booties but the fishnets with suede hills? yikes. and yes, i wear a panama hat every day before i go walk into a client. or maybe i’m confusing that with my trip to costa rica.

i’m now moving my catalogue giddiness over to boden.


One Response to “dear j crew”

  1. Ashlee February 2, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    It funny you say that, because I thought the most recent catalog was the best one in a long time. Not too much, but some cute shirts…

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