rain, rain go away

5 Feb

i’m sitting in my den just minding my own business when i hear a few loud “whomps.” it’s scared me (and chloe) but i checked it out and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. then about thirty minutes later is heard a very large “crack” and saw our leaning tree falling down in our backyard. i almost have a heart attack but recover when i realize i’m okay, the house is okay, chloe is okay. phew.

i check out the damage and it looks like our tree lightly skimmed another tree, but other than that no apparent damage. somehow the fallen tree missed both sides of the fence. so i call the homeowner’s insurance company and because of our good luck with missing the fence/house we’re on our own. i’m thinking a big chainsaw/tree cutting down party is in order.

full length of our full backyard:

Up Close:

and here’s the tree that was knicked:

if anyone has a giant chainsaw they want to let us borrow please let me know!


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