pro, con, pro

12 Feb

the past week has been full of lots of unexpected surprises. not all surprises are good and i’m trying to keep positive. i’ll revisit old school sorority style with pro, con, pro format.

pro: we had sunny days twice this week!

con: that tree that fell down last week? insurance won’t cover removal so alex and i have a date with chainsaw saturday.

pro: i guess lugging branches will make my arms stronger.

con: our insurance and taxes went up on our house.

pro: we’ve filed our taxes and waiting anxiously on that first time homebuyers tax credit.

con: that tax credit is taking 2 – 3 months to return.

pro: we’ll have made more car payments = less car to pay off?

con: our gas company decided to skip sending bills in december leaving a 2 month bill of almost $500!!!!

pro:  we were very warm in december and january?

con: kinkos/fedex has the worst customer service ever. literally ever.

pro: office depot saves the day and rocks my socks off!

life happens.


One Response to “pro, con, pro”

  1. Holly February 12, 2010 at 11:57 am #

    Nice. Welcome to the woes of home ownership.

    You forgot another pro about the tree…you’ll have a nice firewood pile for a chiminea or for your fireplace. Which also means that you can keep your house warm during really cold nights by building a fire. Which then decreases your gas bill. 🙂

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