me, the airport, and saturday night

7 Mar

canada hates me. yep, those crazy canucks don’t even want me in their country. must be canada karma.

so what better way to spend your saturday night than in the minneapolis airport awaiting your fate with customs. here’s the skinny. i had to book my trip a day earlier than my normal sunday travel to guarantee a nights sleep. i convinced myself this was a great way to check out the vancouver scene. after all, i haven’t been here in almost four years and even then i didn’t get a chance to leave my hotel much. fine, fly out in saturday it is.

well i’m leaving for my flight and making my way to the airport when i hit obstacle #1: killer traffic. yes, i know you’re thinking “kate, you live in atlanta. of course there’s traffic.” well, not usually on a saturday afternoon at 3:30. ah well, i get through it only to realize (thanks to the hubs) that i’ve left my passport. obstacle #2: must make frantic exit off interstate and meet alex to grab passport and travel docs. i’m panicking about being late but i actually make it to the airport.

giant sigh of relief.

but no, there’s more. obstacle #3: my passport is in my maiden name. my ticket is in my married name. i have a copy of my marriage certificate for documentation but the gate agent doesn’t know if this is enough to verify my name change. WHAT???!!!! apparantly i should have brought the original. i pretty much only travel with copies of important documents that are the only originals in existance.

 so i’m freaking out a bit. i’m just sitting here in minneapolis waiting for the call to check passports. even if i make it through here i’m going to be super nervous in cananda. i don’t want to get stuck in the vancouver airport. it freaks me out. there are random stuffed giant mammoths that i don’t want to cuddle with.

UPDATE: After being stressed for 10 hours, the canadian customs lady did not give a second look to the copy of my marriage license. i would like to kick the counter man in atlanta’s butt for freaking me out.


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