canada is exactly like the states, only completely different

18 Mar

i like traveling to canada (especially calgary and vancouver) because there are many similarities. my humor translates. they speak english. they also love their wine.

but canada boasts a few big differences (and i mean besides government regulated healthcare). let’s hit on everyone’s favorite: diversity. vancouver boasts a large asian influence. i love it. it translates to great restaurants and when i’m traveling, well, that’s what i’m living for. noticable missing? african americans. although i’m not entirely sure that’s the correct term because clearly canadians are not americans. but i noticed the difference immediately and thought it was well, odd! but i also met a lot of australians, english, scottish, and irish folks, too.

last week i was working with a university and we talked about the difference between canadian and american higher education. i think the canadian system is a mix of the british and american — they definitely do not have the tie to their colleges through family traditions that we have in the states. as in, they didn’t know if they had a hockey team. academics always trump athletics. can you imagine not knowing if your school had a football team? but they see college as a right instead of a privilege. different way of thinking.

maybe this is just a west coast thing but they’re overall healthier: active lifestyles, better eating habits. heck, there are recycling bins everywhere! most of the people i met have either one or no cars per household. that is saying a lot for a city that is smaller than atlanta. (atlanta metro = 5+ million, vancouver metro = 2 million).

i really, really enjoyed my trip. as in, i would spend my very own money (or hard-earned FF miles) to visit. and i think that says a lot. 🙂


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