boston wrap-up

30 Mar

i finished up my week with a precious friend from work, Lauren. she recommended a south side restaurant named beehive and after wine and cheese in her adorable city brownstone we walked the few blocks to the restaurant.

beehive is a funky little restaurant with a bit of a bohemian feel. we sat on the top floor and overlooked a jazz band with old school burlesque movies on the brick stone wall. we had the best time. we talked about work, friends, travel, marriage. i had the best time. here’s a shot of the film:

after dinner, we mosied across the street to a place called the butcher block. any place that cures that own prosciutto is tops in my book. yum-o. i made myself physically sick eating more a dinner at beehive and then cheese and an antipasto plate at the butcher block. i scored a free drink of champagne at stop #2 because i knew that sweetbreads were the thymus gland. be proud jacq.

here’s a shot of the fantastic meats at the butcher block:

in an un-related to boston note, alex and i ran in our new shoes for the first time tonight. a little sore, but i’m liking them.


One Response to “boston wrap-up”

  1. Mom April 13, 2010 at 10:38 am #

    How yummy…good friend to turn you on to such a great night…the Beehive sounds like a place I’d love to visit!

    What a way to win a glass of wine…go, Kate! I’m proud of your knowledge base.

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