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happy earth day?

20 Apr

i’m patiently waiting for my flight to leave here in philly.

the woman sitting across from me is cleaning out her purse . . . and dropping the contents on the floor. we’re 2 feet away from a trash can.



you never know who is listening . . .

20 Apr

i’ve already blogged about the totally inappropriate conversations i’ve heard at the airport. but the just yesterday i’ve realized that walking down the street chatting should also be banned.

last night, i picked up dinner and started the walk back to my hotel. as i was leaving i picked up part of the conversation from the rather loud lady standing next to me. it went a little something like this:

“oh so-and-so’s back from nashville? i understand. she couldn’t take all the conservatives and born-agains in the south.”

i literally laughed out loud. i wanted to make a wisecrack and say “lady, i’m a liberal living in the south. and southern conservatives aren’t that bad. i’m married to one.” i kept walking and called me mother at my dismay for her stereotype of her neighbors below the mason dixon.

goodness gracious!

what i did enjoy was the view from my hotel room. below is logan circle and a few of the art museums.

Big Day Tomorrow!

16 Apr

well, i set a goal to take part in a 5k. tomorrow’s the big day. i know i’ll finish, alex and i have run this distance for a while now, i just want to run my best possible time. i’m turtle slow so it’s not like i have some huge PR (personal record) to set. since this is my first there’s no real pressure.

earlier this week we ran into a little hiccup. the 5k we have trained for (and mapped/run the course) was canceled due to a lack of permits for road closures.

good thing we live in atlanta and there are 15 races on any given weekend. we choose a race right by the river where we lived for the past few years and allegedly it’s “flat and fast.” this is good because our original race was about 2/3 uphill. i’m sporting a new pair of livestrong shorts in hopes that lance armstrong’s ties will motivate me tired legs.

wish us luck!!! 🙂

wordless wednesday

14 Apr

ahhhh love

13 Apr

about two months ago i spent a few weeks in dallas. i enjoyed my trip. but while i was there i found a new love. and that love is called lululemon. there aren’t words to describe how much i love her. she’s comfortable, pretty, and has an amazing ability to always make my rear look great!

she’s not the cheapest, though. you’re laughing now because you probably know my ability to blindly choose the most expensive items out there but this time, i swear it’s worth it.

how could you NOT love me cute little shorts?

i’m a big fan of capri’s and their “wunder unders” are my absolute favorite.

random fun fact: i choose my sports based on attire. i will never, ever compete in a triathlon because their outfits are ridiculous. they can call them tri suits all they want. they’re unitards. i remember because i had a hot pink spandex one when i was right. running? they even make super cute skirts. i’ve decided i need to be faster to run in a skirt. i don’t have a good reason but it’s part of my motivation.

all other runner’s out there — nike tempo shorts (which function-wise are my favorites) are on sale for $20 at dick’s sporting goods. they have some very fun colors.

Q1 New Years Resolutions Revisited

12 Apr

By blogging about my goals I felt that I would be more accountable — and I was right. Public goals = questions. Which is a very good thing when you’re reaching for goals. Otherwise, I can’t admit if I’m falling behind or jumping ahead with where I wanted to be.

Goal 1: Get healthy

I get a C+ here. Maybe a B-. Joined a gym. Signed up for my first 5K (this weekend!). Actively aware of what I’m putting into my body. Notice I said aware, not always making good choices but at least I notice. I still need to schedule doctor’s visits but those take time.

Getting out there and running/jogging has been great lately. I just feel good about it and I’m over dreading the runs and starting to really enjoy pushing myself. I’m toying with adding another subgoal here for the fall. I’ll hold off making that public until I make a decision on what type of run I want to do.

Goal 2: Read 1 non-murder mystery a month.
This is my big fail. I read Julie & Julia and then made the switch back to my suspense novels. I’m in progress with a 2nd non-murder mystery so I’m giving myself a D.

Goal 3: Random acts of kindness

Well if i went into any detail here I think it would take away from the fun. Progress? I’m doing okay. Solid B.

lands end canvas

10 Apr

a few weeks ago alex and i embarked on “PATIO FURNITURE EXTRAVAGANZA 2010.” This is an entirely other post. But during said extravaganza we stopped in every place known to man that sells outdoor furniture. one of those places is sear’s. my eyes were drawn to bright colors and comfortable prints. do my eyes lie? nope, it’s lands end’s new line Lands’ End Canvas.

JCREW you better watch out because a new kid is on the block. and a much less expensive friend at that. i wanted everything. seriously. even alex fell in love with a gingham button down.

i’d like one of each please.

seriously, it’s worth a visit. or at the very least an online browse.