my love/hate relationship with nike+

5 Apr

about 95% of the time i love my nike+. but that other 5%? i have a deep loathing of the product.

nike+ lets me track my running progress by calculating how many and how fast i take steps. there’s a whole calibration process but the jist of it is that it knows my pace and how much i’ve run. it works with my itouch and then i download my runs so that i can track my progress. there’s a whole online goals/clubs culture to keep you motivated.

it’s really as genius idea. even though i don’t have nike shoes i have a little pouch tied to my shoelaces that holds the tracker. you can even see your friends progress and “challenge” them with a run or time.

in theory i love it. it’s been 100% in the gym. but when i’m running with it on the road i’m 0 for 2 and have used alex’s time. while i know i’ve run i can’t use the tracking tool and according to nike, my run never existed. grrrrr.

running with my itouch is also a bit clunky. i’m pretty sure this is where frustration comes in because it’s so big and dark in the sun that i can’t see what buttons i’m touching to adjust the volume/change-up my songs. i was thinking about biting the bullet and buying a shuffle just for outside runs but the shuffle doesn’t integrate with nike+. and i can’t stomach spending $150 on the next size up just for running. decisions, decisions.

in other running related news, alex and i run/jogged part of our upcoming 5k course and the first half is solidly uphill. i’ve got to run at a solid 1 or 2 incline on my treadmill for the next week and a half to prepare. yikes.


One Response to “my love/hate relationship with nike+”

  1. Lindsey May 7, 2010 at 12:46 pm #

    Hey, if you ever want, you can “challenge” me. My username is sillylins or

    Challenges are pretty motivating 🙂

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