i hopped off the plane at LAX . . .

9 Apr

yeah, i just quoted miley cyrus. i challenge you NOT to like that song!

this week’s travels take me to los angeles. thanks to the fabulous atlanta traffic and opening day at the braves i missed my flight out and had to catch the next. great way to start off the week. but i’m here and trying to make the most of my trip.

while i LOVE public transit, LA’s system is lacking. much like atlanta’s. i’ve always rented a car but since i’m smack downtown i passed. my hotel is the site of some of the scenes from behind enemy lines. no i didn’t recognize it, there’s a big plaque in front of the elevator that i hop on every morning that told me so. but these guys should look a little familiar.

i’ve been trying to keep up my good running (errr, jogging) habits this week. i lost one battle with my nike+ but had two more successful runs tracked. tonight about halfway down the elevator to the workout room i decide i’m going to run outside. did i mention i’m in downtown LA? running in a city is, well, interesting. lots of roadblocks but lots of scenery, too. it made for an eventful run.

funny situation 1: since i decided to run half way down the elevator ride to the workout room, i realize i’ve left my arm band for my ipod. no problemo i think. yeah, running with an itouch in your bra is awkward.

funny situation 2: i’m running. i’m running. people are looking at me a little funny. i continue on. yeah, i’m wearing a breast cancer benefit t-shirt that reads “i heart breasts.” oops. lots of smiles, though.

funny situation 3: i’ve just run up a pretty killer hill into the wind. i’m tired. homeless man offers me a sip of his 40. i seriously consider taking it 🙂

one week ’til my first 5k. happy trails!


One Response to “i hopped off the plane at LAX . . .”

  1. Holly April 12, 2010 at 10:14 am #

    HA! I always feel weird when I run in that shirt, too. I feel like I should get some honks, but I never do. You gotta hear my story about the homeless guy in D.C. that gave me and Phillip advice on how to have a boy and a girl…you’ll be rolling!

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