Q1 New Years Resolutions Revisited

12 Apr

By blogging about my goals I felt that I would be more accountable — and I was right. Public goals = questions. Which is a very good thing when you’re reaching for goals. Otherwise, I can’t admit if I’m falling behind or jumping ahead with where I wanted to be.

Goal 1: Get healthy

I get a C+ here. Maybe a B-. Joined a gym. Signed up for my first 5K (this weekend!). Actively aware of what I’m putting into my body. Notice I said aware, not always making good choices but at least I notice. I still need to schedule doctor’s visits but those take time.

Getting out there and running/jogging has been great lately. I just feel good about it and I’m over dreading the runs and starting to really enjoy pushing myself. I’m toying with adding another subgoal here for the fall. I’ll hold off making that public until I make a decision on what type of run I want to do.

Goal 2: Read 1 non-murder mystery a month.
This is my big fail. I read Julie & Julia and then made the switch back to my suspense novels. I’m in progress with a 2nd non-murder mystery so I’m giving myself a D.

Goal 3: Random acts of kindness

Well if i went into any detail here I think it would take away from the fun. Progress? I’m doing okay. Solid B.


One Response to “Q1 New Years Resolutions Revisited”

  1. Rosemary April 13, 2010 at 6:48 am #

    Good for you, Kate! I dare say you have done better on your resolutions than most. It was very brave of you to make them public.
    Good luck to you and Alex on your 5K this weekend! Let us know how it goes.


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