ahhhh love

13 Apr

about two months ago i spent a few weeks in dallas. i enjoyed my trip. but while i was there i found a new love. and that love is called lululemon. there aren’t words to describe how much i love her. she’s comfortable, pretty, and has an amazing ability to always make my rear look great!

she’s not the cheapest, though. you’re laughing now because you probably know my ability to blindly choose the most expensive items out there but this time, i swear it’s worth it.

how could you NOT love me cute little shorts?

i’m a big fan of capri’s and their “wunder unders” are my absolute favorite.

random fun fact: i choose my sports based on attire. i will never, ever compete in a triathlon because their outfits are ridiculous. they can call them tri suits all they want. they’re unitards. i remember because i had a hot pink spandex one when i was right. running? they even make super cute skirts. i’ve decided i need to be faster to run in a skirt. i don’t have a good reason but it’s part of my motivation.

all other runner’s out there — nike tempo shorts (which function-wise are my favorites) are on sale for $20 at dick’s sporting goods. they have some very fun colors.


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