you never know who is listening . . .

20 Apr

i’ve already blogged about the totally inappropriate conversations i’ve heard at the airport. but the just yesterday i’ve realized that walking down the street chatting should also be banned.

last night, i picked up dinner and started the walk back to my hotel. as i was leaving i picked up part of the conversation from the rather loud lady standing next to me. it went a little something like this:

“oh so-and-so’s back from nashville? i understand. she couldn’t take all the conservatives and born-agains in the south.”

i literally laughed out loud. i wanted to make a wisecrack and say “lady, i’m a liberal living in the south. and southern conservatives aren’t that bad. i’m married to one.” i kept walking and called me mother at my dismay for her stereotype of her neighbors below the mason dixon.

goodness gracious!

what i did enjoy was the view from my hotel room. below is logan circle and a few of the art museums.


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