in my spare time i rescue birds

6 May

okay, not as an organized event. but i have now come to the rescue of several birds in the 8 months since moving to our new house. 

culprit #1: our sliding glass doors.

they bring in lots of light to our family room. maybe a little too much light. as in at least two birds a day slammed into these windows. one day after such an incident i found a bird stunned and going into what i can only classify as bird seizures. have you ever googled “what to do when a bird flies into a glass window/door?” it ain’t pretty. well i grabbed a towel and flipped the little guy over from his back to his feet. after following the directions online i put him in a shoebox for an hour to make him feel safe. an hour later i put him back on the pavement and just a few minutes later he flew away. phew.

i decided that day that there had to be something i could do to keep birds from tanking into the windows. result? exhibit a:

don’t hate on these butterflies. we’ve noticed a significant reduction in bird suicide attempts since they’ve been added. they’re allegedly the equivalent of reflective lights for humans. the lady at the store promised they would be clear and unnoticeable. lies. but if it saves a bird i’m happy.

culprit #2: unknown

we have several hanging baskets on the patio. alex noticed that every time he tried to water one that a bird flew out. i checked it out and sure enough, we had a bird’s nest. yay for baby birds!

chloe and i have enjoyed eating our lunch outside every day this week and as i let chloe out i noticed one of our baby birds on the pavement. i ran inside, used a towel to pick him up, and placed him inside the nest. only then did i see his four brothers and sisters also on the patio. one little guy didn’t make it but the other three were breathing. i placed all three back in the nest and here’s hoping momma bird will continue to feed her precious little ones.

i couldn’t replant the basket with new hanging flowers because of our new residents so please excuse the sad, dead flowers.

keep these little guys in your thoughts!


2 Responses to “in my spare time i rescue birds”

  1. Rosemary May 7, 2010 at 7:12 am #

    How neat to eat lunch with the baby birds everyday! I hope they all make it. This happened at our house downtown. The mama birds loved to make nests in the hanging ferns. At our house now we have to be sure to keep the garage doors closed. The Carolina wrens like to make nests on the shelves or in Doug’s spare hardhat!

  2. Mom May 10, 2010 at 2:57 pm #

    How sweet! You did a good thing…I hope they do well. I’m so proud of you for caring! Keep us informed. Mom

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