her name was lola

13 May

but she was not a showgirl.

in fact, she was a restaurant in cleveland. don’t be jealous, you know you wish that you were in balmy (50 degree) cleveland, ohio.

alright, so maybe cleveland is not in my top 5 places to visit. or maybe not my top 50 but alas, work travel ain’t for the kiddies.

but what was amazing was iron chef michael symon’s gem of a restaurant, lola. yum-o.

i was feeling adventurous and tried the veal sweetbreads as a starter. these were FANTASTIC! he diced small pieces of bacon in the sauces and i tell you what — heaven on a plate. the scallops were pretty good as well but texture became an issue with the two mushy courses and i couldn’t eat but two. it makes me incredibly sad to leave scallops on a plate uneaten.

biggest regret? not ordering the french toast with maple bacon ice cream. what was i thinking? oh yeah, i’m going to chicago next week. home of my beloved vosges and the miracle mile.

on a happier note, the new luggage made it through her maiden voyage. it’s noticealby small once i started packing but it was easy peasy to navigate through the airport and on the plane. go team delsey!


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