the butler cup

22 May

okay so there’s not a “for-real” butler cup but that’s what i’ve coined last weekend’s triathlon. i’m going to make a macaroni necklace for the winner and present it on fourth of july at the beach.

and don’t even think about it. i’m still not interested in competing in triathlons. nope, not happening.

i was even lucky enough to see a few clemson locals on this trip. made the trip especially enjoyable.

and sorry for the lack of posting this week. i got sick. i feel asleep during last nights season finale of CSI. BOOO!

so here’s the race recap — i tried to catch everyone on their transitions from swim/bike but i only capture alex crossing the finish line.

also mixed in are uncle thomson’s birthday, audrey the lounge singer, and mom with her hanging basket. check out the photo of the fella in a bow-tie and not much else. This couple participated in the tri in the morning and got married later that day. Talk about a way to relieve pre-wedding jitters.


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