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musings from o’hare.

30 Jun

it’s wednesday night. and as much as i would love to by curling on the couch with my husband, dog, and an episode of true blood, i’m delayed in the airport.

have i mentioned my love of the true blood novels? they’re addictive. i haven’t seen a full episode of the show and i’m nervous i won’t like it. good thing i refuse to pay for hbo.

these are the days when i hate traveling.

i dropped my nutri grain on the floor this morning. it was all i had and i ate it anyway. i’m building my immune system.

my client called some to call me to ask if we could change our start time from 9 to 8:30 — at 8:15. i had wet hair and a half-packed suitcase.

one dude had an empty seat next to him on the train and wouldn’t move over for me to sit. i stood for 30 minutes instead.

i used to LOVE when thoughtful clients brought in lunch. but now that i’m watching my diet i dread it. today? parmesan pasta salad, salad swimming in parmesan, ham/roast beef sandwiches on asiago focciaca. good? yes. but that means i had cereal and fruit for dinner. on a day when i desperately needed a cold beer.

but enough complaining. i’m going to fripp this weekend. and really, i’m a happy girl on a grumpy day.

two more days. two more days. two more days. 🙂


an open letter to skinnytaste

28 Jun

dearest gina,

i want to thank you for making my (our) decision to eat healthy, well, livable. and not just getting by with “diet food” but teaching me how to make scrumptious, nutritious meals.

y’all have to check out her website — if you are a ww gal she gives you the points breakdowns but if not she also posts calories, fiber, fat, etc. she pretty much rocks my socks off. every single dish we’ve made we’ve loved. from the turkey and black bean enchiladas to the shrimp quesadillas to your grilled lamb chops. i haven’t tried any desserts just yet but they’re on my short list.

last week on site with my client we bonded over the recipes that we’ve made. she’s just that good. try her. i bet you won’t even be able to tell it’s good for you. 🙂

Geo What?

25 Jun

Ever heard of geocaching? Nope? That’s okay, until last week I hadn’t either. It’s like an adult treasure hunt. A gps requiring adult treasure hunt.

One of the women in my class brought up that she had looked for a “cache” outside the building. She tried in vain last summer and was hoping she could find it the week of training. During lunch one afternoon about 10 of us made the trek to the cache site.

I should say that a large crowd is apparently a no-no. You’re supposed to be stealth so that no one will know the location of the cache. We figured that we could crowd around the item and hide it that way. The ladies went on and on about how they thought it might not really be at the site or must be really well hidden.

here’s the cache location. we walk up and start investigating. for the integrity of the find i’ll leave the actual location of the cache a secret. 🙂

they’re telling me it’s going to be small, somewhat like a button. i’m looking for about 10 seconds and find what i think fits the bill and shout out “like this?” whether it was beginners luck or my exceptional attention to detail (let’s go with the latter) i found the cache.

it was tee-tiny!

and in the cache tradition we signed the log and were able to update the find online.

 am i going to start searching for geo caches in each city i visit? likely not. but i did find out i have one right on the running route by my house . . .

i’ve been bitten

22 Jun

by the running bug.

bwhahahahaha. bad joke. but at least i laughed out loud.

i’ve never been into exercising. in fact, i was just reminiscing last week how i remembered both times i worked out in college quite vividly. why would someone put the workout facility so far from my dorm? the nerve.

but lately i’m getting into running. i’m still no speedy gonzalez, but i feel my endurance and speed slowly increasing. i’m working my way to 8 miles for a half marathon relay in october and i want to run sub 10 and a half minute miles. to slowly increase mileage i’ve created a training plan and even trained on vacation. yes, in 100% humidity i did my first 5 mile run. and i drug alex along to boot.

we also did a “naked” run on the beach. get your minds out of the gutter. naked means no ipod, no shoes, just us taking it all in. and it was awesome. we ran about 3.5 miles and while difficult, it felt so good and you can’t beat the scenery.

so to put this into perspective here’s my nike plus graph from february:

and here’s may. i’m getting there. 🙂

last vacation recap, i promise

21 Jun

while my vacation seemed to fly by, apparently blogging about said vacation isn’t the case. this promises to be my third, and final, blog about barbados. i have more recent fun things on my mind that i want to post about after all. 🙂

our last few days in the carribean consisted mainly of lounging around on the beach and drinking pina coladas (me) and mt. gay and diet (him).

on thursday night we decided to take a dinner cruise. it was unexpectedly fun. not like i didn’t think it would be i just thought 4 hours on the boat was a little long. but between pre-dinner drinks, dancing, and a dinner show, we were always entertained.

here we are right before our dinner

and our dinner show included a fire-twirling limbo dancer. pretty intense. look low.

i haven’t been able to bend that low since 5th grade field day.

then we ran into our bajan tablemates taking pictures and they insisted that we take photos with them. nice folks. and then alex posed with the lifesaver.

on friday we met up with our newfound friends and headed to “Oistens Fish Fry.” Oistens is a city in Barbados that hosts a very large gathering every Friday night. Lots of different shacks/vendors and a large amount of trying to eat from the same few lines. AKA, go to the vendor with the longest line.

Here’s our cook grilling my mahi mahi

and our last couple photograph of the week.

good trip folks.

just call me martha

15 Jun

as long as i can remember summer there have been tomato plants. big, fat, juicy maters that cried out to be sliced with duke’s mayo and white bread. i’m literally smacking my lips thinking about this.

and just as much as i love tomatoes (which rank up there with cheese and my dog chloe) i love my husband. okay, okay i love my husband more. but i promise i love tomatoes a whole lot.

he knows about my love for tomatoes and he built me my very own container garden. isn’t he super? i’m the proud parent to 5 tomato plants, 1 squash, 1 zucchini, basil, and 2 eggplants.

and the produce count?

on the vine: 4 tomatoes, 1 eggplant

ripe: 0

come on late june/early july. i’m hungry!

vacation recap part deux

14 Jun

so i made ya wait a week before more barbados. i was at home spending time with my hubs and didn’t want to blog. yup, i’m selfish. but now that i’m traveling again i’ve got nothing to do with my nights.

i’m in indianapolis and we’re experiencing some pretty severe thunderstorms. ever since the whole tree falling incident of 2010 i’m not a fan of thunderstorms. especially ones with hail. i’m a big weenie. i may or may not have squealed like a small child after a big boom of thunder came too close to a giant strike of lightening.

but back to island paradise.

while we were loving the relaxation we were getting a little bored so we decided that a snorkeling booze cruise would spice things up. it was so much fun. we took a catamaran cruise with about 30 other folks (none of which were american) out and snorkeled with sea turtles and constant refills of fruity rum drinks.

we napped the afternoon away and at dinner via hors devours in the executive lounge. we had a big day on wednesday planned — the mount gay rum cocktail tour.

when we signed up for the tour we assumed we would just take a walk around the factory and sample a few cocktails. we were partly correct. we were actually the bartenders and sampled about 10 other teams’ drinks. here’s the team that took first:

we tied for third but lost the tiebreaker to an alabama fan/virginia beach local/police officer in a shot contest.  but here’s us making our signature drink “the mount gay mocha”


awww well, you can’t win ’em all. but we met two new super fun friends on the tour, ginger and ryan. we came back for our daily happy hour and met up with another new friend that ginger and ryan had met the night before, amanda. alex and i went on a beach run earlier in the morning and found a cliffside restaurant with gorgeous food and a good menu. the five of us dined overlooking the ocean and had by far the best meal of the week. in case you ever make it to barbados it’s called champers (pronounced shampers).

the girls: amanda, ginger, and i

the boys:

ryan and alex

all together now

round 3 to come . . .