vacation recap part deux

14 Jun

so i made ya wait a week before more barbados. i was at home spending time with my hubs and didn’t want to blog. yup, i’m selfish. but now that i’m traveling again i’ve got nothing to do with my nights.

i’m in indianapolis and we’re experiencing some pretty severe thunderstorms. ever since the whole tree falling incident of 2010 i’m not a fan of thunderstorms. especially ones with hail. i’m a big weenie. i may or may not have squealed like a small child after a big boom of thunder came too close to a giant strike of lightening.

but back to island paradise.

while we were loving the relaxation we were getting a little bored so we decided that a snorkeling booze cruise would spice things up. it was so much fun. we took a catamaran cruise with about 30 other folks (none of which were american) out and snorkeled with sea turtles and constant refills of fruity rum drinks.

we napped the afternoon away and at dinner via hors devours in the executive lounge. we had a big day on wednesday planned — the mount gay rum cocktail tour.

when we signed up for the tour we assumed we would just take a walk around the factory and sample a few cocktails. we were partly correct. we were actually the bartenders and sampled about 10 other teams’ drinks. here’s the team that took first:

we tied for third but lost the tiebreaker to an alabama fan/virginia beach local/police officer in a shot contest.  but here’s us making our signature drink “the mount gay mocha”


awww well, you can’t win ’em all. but we met two new super fun friends on the tour, ginger and ryan. we came back for our daily happy hour and met up with another new friend that ginger and ryan had met the night before, amanda. alex and i went on a beach run earlier in the morning and found a cliffside restaurant with gorgeous food and a good menu. the five of us dined overlooking the ocean and had by far the best meal of the week. in case you ever make it to barbados it’s called champers (pronounced shampers).

the girls: amanda, ginger, and i

the boys:

ryan and alex

all together now

round 3 to come . . .


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