last vacation recap, i promise

21 Jun

while my vacation seemed to fly by, apparently blogging about said vacation isn’t the case. this promises to be my third, and final, blog about barbados. i have more recent fun things on my mind that i want to post about after all. 🙂

our last few days in the carribean consisted mainly of lounging around on the beach and drinking pina coladas (me) and mt. gay and diet (him).

on thursday night we decided to take a dinner cruise. it was unexpectedly fun. not like i didn’t think it would be i just thought 4 hours on the boat was a little long. but between pre-dinner drinks, dancing, and a dinner show, we were always entertained.

here we are right before our dinner

and our dinner show included a fire-twirling limbo dancer. pretty intense. look low.

i haven’t been able to bend that low since 5th grade field day.

then we ran into our bajan tablemates taking pictures and they insisted that we take photos with them. nice folks. and then alex posed with the lifesaver.

on friday we met up with our newfound friends and headed to “Oistens Fish Fry.” Oistens is a city in Barbados that hosts a very large gathering every Friday night. Lots of different shacks/vendors and a large amount of trying to eat from the same few lines. AKA, go to the vendor with the longest line.

Here’s our cook grilling my mahi mahi

and our last couple photograph of the week.

good trip folks.


One Response to “last vacation recap, i promise”

  1. Mom June 25, 2010 at 2:50 pm #

    It all looks wonderful…glad you had a terrific time.

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