Geo What?

25 Jun

Ever heard of geocaching? Nope? That’s okay, until last week I hadn’t either. It’s like an adult treasure hunt. A gps requiring adult treasure hunt.

One of the women in my class brought up that she had looked for a “cache” outside the building. She tried in vain last summer and was hoping she could find it the week of training. During lunch one afternoon about 10 of us made the trek to the cache site.

I should say that a large crowd is apparently a no-no. You’re supposed to be stealth so that no one will know the location of the cache. We figured that we could crowd around the item and hide it that way. The ladies went on and on about how they thought it might not really be at the site or must be really well hidden.

here’s the cache location. we walk up and start investigating. for the integrity of the find i’ll leave the actual location of the cache a secret. 🙂

they’re telling me it’s going to be small, somewhat like a button. i’m looking for about 10 seconds and find what i think fits the bill and shout out “like this?” whether it was beginners luck or my exceptional attention to detail (let’s go with the latter) i found the cache.

it was tee-tiny!

and in the cache tradition we signed the log and were able to update the find online.

 am i going to start searching for geo caches in each city i visit? likely not. but i did find out i have one right on the running route by my house . . .


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