musings from o’hare.

30 Jun

it’s wednesday night. and as much as i would love to by curling on the couch with my husband, dog, and an episode of true blood, i’m delayed in the airport.

have i mentioned my love of the true blood novels? they’re addictive. i haven’t seen a full episode of the show and i’m nervous i won’t like it. good thing i refuse to pay for hbo.

these are the days when i hate traveling.

i dropped my nutri grain on the floor this morning. it was all i had and i ate it anyway. i’m building my immune system.

my client called some to call me to ask if we could change our start time from 9 to 8:30 — at 8:15. i had wet hair and a half-packed suitcase.

one dude had an empty seat next to him on the train and wouldn’t move over for me to sit. i stood for 30 minutes instead.

i used to LOVE when thoughtful clients brought in lunch. but now that i’m watching my diet i dread it. today? parmesan pasta salad, salad swimming in parmesan, ham/roast beef sandwiches on asiago focciaca. good? yes. but that means i had cereal and fruit for dinner. on a day when i desperately needed a cold beer.

but enough complaining. i’m going to fripp this weekend. and really, i’m a happy girl on a grumpy day.

two more days. two more days. two more days. 🙂


One Response to “musings from o’hare.”

  1. Lindsey (silly runner) July 1, 2010 at 7:00 am #

    I am the same way. All I can think about is two more days and I go to a beach house in NC for a week. Of course things are coming up and I want to get grumpy but I can’t, instead like you I focus on the upcoming positives. Way to go!

    I hear you on the bad food temptation. Being in the office is not picnic either. Got an email yesterday about cupcakes and cookies in the office. Then had a co-worker stop by with a cupcake trying to tempt me. So not nice.

    Stick with the healthy eating plan, it’ll help with the running. Or at least that’s what I tell myself. That and I want to look cute on the beach in my swimsuit! lol

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