girls weekend!

1 Jul

just like everyone else in college i had a sketchy roommate. i don’t need to get into details but lets just say we cut our ties in one semester and i lived singleton the next.

but i was also blessed with a lot of stellar roommates. like lifelong friend roommates. in fact, 5 of those fab roomies were in my bridal party.

i recently reunited with 3 of them (my 608 berkeley crew) in savannah, ga. i missed them tremendously. i didn’t realize how much until i saw them. they make my belly ache with laughter and heart warm with love. cheesy i know, but it think they’re precious. i’m lucky to know so many fantastic women!

we had a hard time scheduling a weekend together, one would think that four women sans children could find a plethora of weekends in the summer but that just wasn’t the case. after all, they’re fabulous and invited to lots of parties. 🙂

we settled on savannah and our temporarily northerly displaced friend jacqueline flew down from philadelphia and the next day we all met up at our hotel. and a side note to you hilton garden inn savannah – you had a few staff members that need an attitude adjustment. just sayin’.

we each chose a meal and friday dinner was my choice — a restaurant just off forsyth park named local 1110. what a treat!

here’s amy, ash, and jacq. i told you they were cute.

after dinner and drinks we had a little time to kill before we went to the theater to see SATC2. we walked around forsyth park and found an awesome restaurant bar called “the mansion” on forsyth. funny enough we ended up at their sister restaurant the next night.

all together now.

and here we are at the bar

ash and amy

and then we made our way to the movie. i don’t want to discourage any SATC fans from seeing it because well, you have to. you just do. but i just wish i had gone in without an expectations. it was long. it was uneventful. i might have laughed 3 times. and the girls just ain’t what they were (save samantha). sad stuff.

dont’ we look excited? this is before. no after shot because it was past midnight and we’re now old ladies.

we made our way back to the hotel for to rest for day 2 — shopping and exploring savannah.

to be continued . . . .


One Response to “girls weekend!”

  1. Mom July 8, 2010 at 1:21 pm #

    All of you are so lucky to have each other! True blue girlfriends are not easy to come by! I just wanted to hug ’em…I have lived vicariously with all of you through your college years and since…I love you all!

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