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hometown shout out

31 Aug

ok, so i can’t really claim a hometown because i lived in 4 cities before the age of 14. but i call atlanta home now so that’s what we’re going with today.

i’m not in atlanta all that often so when i am i’m either 1) permanently fixed on my couch 2) enjoying my newfound love of running on my favorite parks path or 3) eating somewhere yummy (which then leads me back to 2).

alex and i have recently spent our saturday lunches in downtown roswell. it’s about a 15 minute drive and actually where we lived when i first moved to atlanta a few year ago. i love the “square” in roswell. it’s what you picture when you think of main street usa: local restaurants, antique shopping, walkability.

what’s been bringing us back? pie.

seriously yummy pie. seriously the best pie i’ve ever had (thank the lord she doesn’t make lemon meringue because i’m quite partial to my mother’s receipe).

we’ve sampled a new pie each week and thus far we’ve tried the mango key lime, mixed berry, orange buttermilk, chocolate chess, blackberry, even the chicken pot pie is amazing. i think she may be putting addictive stimulants in the crust because i just can’t get enough.

she introduced mini cream cheese pound cakes this week and i’m going to be honest, it’s the best pound cake i’ve ever put in my mouth. and my mouth has savoured a lot of pound cake. it’s usually the highlight of my family reunion. think i could repackage one of hers as my own? promise not to tell? 🙂

just as charming as the pie? the small shop atmosphere. she posts each day on facebook the pies that she serving that day and people are immediately making their reservations for a slice (or a whole pie). when you make it in the shop she marks off the pies as inevitably sell out.

and the fitting name? the pie hole. it’s right next to a yoga studio. we always get a little chuckle out of that.

we also love autentico inc. which boasts latin street food. aka awesome tacos. ok, they don’t just have tacos but their tacos are unreal good. downtown roswell is also home to our favorite thai restaurant, rice. on the outside it looks like a quaint little house but on the inside you’ll see the articles praising the food and their top 25 ranking (in the country — go rice!).

but lately? it’s been all about the pie. or the pound cake. and i would know because i ate half of one of sunday. great hangover cure by the way. that and sweating it out running nine miles. today has been a pie kind of day so i’m especially craving her crust — this weekend can’t get here fast enough!


running fail

26 Aug

it all started of with good intentions. i searched for a local park, i dressed in my running finest, i packed light so i wouldn’t leave any valuables in my car.

i was excited about my first longer run on a cool 80 degree evening. the lovely park was even named after one of my favorite disney princesses: pocahontas park.

gorgeous, right?

then i pull up to park and wham! there’s a stinking fee to pay to go to the park. and i am without wallet because i don’t want to leave it in my car (in phoenix i saw a car that was broken into during someones run and it wasn’t pretty).

the money taker lady took no pity on me and made me turn around.

so tonight instead of feeling a runners high, i drink a strawberry margarita.

i also won a snuggie. i guess i can’t complain.

how you know your husband loves you . . .

23 Aug

when i find the cord that allows me to upload photos to my computer this post will be followed by a “how you know your dad loves you” post.

i’ve never been happy with the paint color of our bedroom. i mean i liked it but never LOVED it. i assumed it would grow on me. you know what they say about assuming . . .

so decided to repaint. just the ceiling for now. i’m toying with the walls as well but i figure living with it for a week or two to see how i feel about it will help. i’m going light to match the rest of what i call our key west color scheme. citron and pool. makes me want to leave for the beach, like now.

and because my hubby loves me so much he helped me repaint the ceiling. he hates painting. like a whole lot. so this was a mega big deal.

this is my before. not quite right.

i went with the color recommended by the folks that make the duvet. and this is the yellow/green i’m considering decisions, decisions.

why the rush on the ceiling? well we installed a new light fixture this weekend.

goodbye broken ceiling fan, hello modern pendant.

again, once i get a handy-dandy cord i’ll upload a real live room photo.

i’m a cheater

19 Aug

you see i have a long-term relationship with my stylist. like 10+ years. like drive 3 hours to see her. like she has done every memeber of my family, my husband’s family, and my wedding. and i cheated on her. and even worse? i think it’s going to turn into a long-term affair.

it’s not that i don’t love my stylist, debbie. it’s just that getting to see her has been tough. the past few trips back to greenville have been short and without a haircut. my hair had gotten a little too long and desperately needed a cut.

then last saturday, i did the unthinkable: i made an appointment with someone else. and when i went to said appointment i really liked the result. so much so that i . . . . made another appointment with the new guy. i feel like i’m breaking up with an old friend, i’m not doing to get updates about her great kids or recent marriage. and i feel horrible! really truly guilty.

i was suckered in the moment her offered to give me a neck massage and there’s no going back. the makeup artist even offered a complimentary touch-up. i was too hungry to think about makeup but maybe next time. and then to seal the deal the salon offered 20% off all products today. i desperately needed a straightener and getting 20% off forced me to take the plunge into really good straightener land.

results: well i’m not into taking pictures of myself (and contrary to popular belief the below picture is not actually my rear end 🙂 ) so i did some google searching to find the picture new stylist showed me he would use as a guide.

mine is about an inch or two shorter than stacy’s here and yes, i do have long bangs. i like the look but they’re driving me a little crazy.

scouts honor if we move back to greenville i’m rekindling my relationship with debbie. really.

mini milestones

18 Aug

sunday night i accomplished two things i never thought i would do.

1) i ran 8 miles. and ran one hour of the consecutively. and at the end of that hour i felt good but walked a minute to prep for the last two.

2) i wore so-called booty shorts on this 8 mile run. i put booty shorts and sports bra running in the same group not because i don’t like when people wear them, i just never thought i would have the confidence to do so. i bought a pair saturday and wore them on sunday. and loved them. of course they’re lululemon and the fit is awesome. if i had a million dollars i would just wear lululemon all the time.

yep, that’s actually me modeling those shorts. didn’t know i was moonlighting as a fitness model did ‘ya?

so running for 8 miles is a little long. not like i want to die from exercise just time-consuming long. so i’ve had to boost up my itunes collection to keep me motivated.

here’s what is keeping me moving now:

not afraid – eminmen (this has been awesome for my long runs! a bit explicit for those with sensitive ears)

suddenly i see – kt tunstall

whipped into shape – legally blonde the musical (quite motivating, don’t judge)

paint it black – rolling stones

girls – beastie boys

blister in the sun – violent femmes

no scrubs – tlc

survivor – destinys child

run around – blues travelers

pump it – black-eyed peas

sober – pink

if anyone has super motivating songs i would love to hear ’em. long runs are just getting longer . . .

everyone’s favorite place to spend a friday afternoon

13 Aug

the airport. in sunny ft. lauderdale. where the great weather is taunting you. and you’re delayed going home.

delays when you’re leaving are far better than delays on your way home. i think they should be made illegal. “dear tsa, please make all flights home to atlanta super speed. hugs, kate. ”

i’ve recently decided that customer service has fallen by the wayside. it’s not that i’ve had one giant calamity of a bad experience, just like 50 very small experiences.

when i check into a hotel i expect the front desk attendant to smile, be friendly, and stop what they are doing to check my in. i know that they are busy folks but priority number one is to get me to my room. more and more i’ve noticed the front desk attendant is cranky and vacant. and as a side note, is it really a good idea to count hundreds of dollars in the hotel lobby in front of me? as in not my hundred-dollar bills but some rando persons cash? probably not.

and i know that the nice lady at the rental car counter got distracted by the lady driving out of the entrance (instead of exit) and popping all four tires but you made it a real inconvenience when i returned my car a few days later and you did not ever input my rental into the system. i did not like having to wait in line for 30 minutes for what should have been a 30 second transaction. this makes me cranky mccrankypants.

and restaurant server, i would have left you a much better tip if you had not included gratuity on my party of 2. 2! maybe that’s just a south florida thing.

and mr. big fella, i know that seats on the plane have decreased in size but please do not move into my personal space. you aren’t leaning on the fella on the opposite side like this, so why me? i’ve stopped  sitting in exit rows because i’ve noticed much higher increases in space invaders in exit rows.

ok, rant over. now on to board a flight which is always the most calming and relaxing experince. bwahahha.

from couch to half marathon

12 Aug

i’ve realized i’m not the type of person that can exercise just to exercise. i need goals. and apparantly i like lofty ones.

goal #1: participate in a 5k.

i didn’t have goals of running the full length, i just wanted to finish in less than 35 minutes.

goal #2: participate in a half marathon.

big jump you say? well, yes it sure is. i planned on running 8 miles in the wine & dine half marathon relay with alex. before the event filled (before we could register) i began training pretty seriously. with like a real excel spreadsheet and everything. when i found out the event was full there might have been tears.

c’est la vie. i knew i had to figure out a new plan of action to keep me focused and motivated. i found a 15k to keep me on course. then i decided i wanted to sign up for the disney princess half. done. there aren’t words for how much i love disney. AND HARRY POTTER!!!! and i’m going to have both in one weekend darnit.

but last week alex and i added the kiawah half to the schedule. in december. just four months away. yikes.

i’ve now worked my way up to 7 miles.which i’m pretty psyched about. but that also means i’ve got 6.1 to go. keeping my schedule has been tough, there are a lot of days i would rather watch law & order reruns. as in this whole week. but i also know that i CAN do this. but only if i train and keep focused. so while i may bore you with my running talk over the next few months, bear with me, it’s my way of getting through this experience.

tonights 6 miler was on the sidewalk next to ft. lauderdale beach. while the scenery was gorgeous i felt like i was in a pinball machine dodging tourists. kept me on my toes. bwhahaha.

there were lots of showers/restrooms/water stops so if that’s your thing then you’re set. 🙂 my legs are really sore from the uneven pavers but i figure i’ll be ready to run on any terrain.

ps – did you know there are entire forums on the use of bear/bare in grammar? here’s what i learned today.


    • verb uncover and reveal.


   • verb (past bore; past part. borne)  5 manage to tolerate; endure: I can’t bear it. 6 (cannot bear) strongly dislike. 7 give birth to (a child). 8 (of a tree or plant) produce (fruit or flowers). 9 turn and proceed in a specified direction: bear left.

  — PHRASE bear with be patient or tolerant with.