you know what’s awesome?

3 Aug

my husband. and his daddy. they competed in their third and fourth triathlon of the year (respectively).

alex beat his “super goal” and his dad had another great day. i just love watching them run by and smile, heckling alex that he’s letting a girl beat him at the finish. 🙂 true love.

he’s telling me how much he loves me here. ummmhmmm. that’s the truth and i’m sticking to it.

my favorite part of this race was the free yogurt tcby sponsored. totally awesome. not totally awesome? i was cold. in august. brrrr.

here’s alex and his dad just after his dad finished the run:

you know where it’s not cold this week? phoenix. dry heat, humidity, 100 degrees is hot! i felt like i slept in when i woke up at 6 (with no alarm no less). i decided to run in the morning and i’m so thankful i did. happy to get that over and done.

and for fun (and because i never posted about this) here’s a pic from our weekend a few weeks ago in charleston. lovely, packed, almost sleepless weekend. apparently i was anti-photo that weekend because this is the only documentation i have that i visited charleston. i guess that tells you what a wonderful trip we had.


One Response to “you know what’s awesome?”

  1. alex August 4, 2010 at 2:48 pm #

    I look slightly better in a suit than a tri top

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