hot is hot

5 Aug

dry heat = hot. humidity = hot. i don’t care what people say, 110 degree weather anywhere is toasty.

i decided today (the hottest day of the week so far) to wake up early and run at papago park.

i woke up at 5:45 and after having a time figuring out where to park i started my run at 6:30. i mention this because most of you know what a big non-morning person i am. normally i’m sleeping ’til 7:30 or so because i don’t have to be “on” at work until 9. key to traveling to the west coast: keep your normal schedule. so while i felt like i slept in a bit, i won’t have as tough a time adjusting back to EST for next weeks training in ft. lauderdale.

trail running ain’t no joke! this was a tough, tough morning run. 5 miles and i was beat. so beat that after i got in my set 5 i walked 3/4 of a mile to the car instead of ploughing through. this was mainly due to me following a trail that i didn’t know where it stopped — i ended up running around an entire golf course. not on my top ten things to do this morning. i saw a cute little coyote. i can say he was cute because he was a few hundred feet away — which is exactly where i like my coyotes. diamondback and scorpion free.

just when i thought i couldn’t run another foot eminem blasted on my ipod with “not afraid” followed by tlc’s “no scrubs.” you can’t walk to no scrubs. you would then be dubbed a scrub and that’s just not acceptable.

guess what that giant thing is called? a butte.  i didn’t know that. thanks phoenix for the geography lesson.

happy trails. bwhahahah.


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