our adoption is final

11 Aug

on our puppy of course. we had a “trial” period to see if chloe and conner got along, his temperament, etc. he is definitely a keeper and we just love him to pieces.

conner came to us from my friend ashlee’s boyfriends brother. got that? they have 2 babies under the age of 14 months and we’ve really been wanting another dog. aka, i wanted another dog desperately. we even found a rescue puppy a few months ago but he was adopted before we could make a decision.

so when we found out they had a doggie that needed a new home i volunteered the butler household. conner has been living with us for over a month and he and chloe have very similar personalities. but while chloe is ALWAYS relaxed, conner has a bit more energy. and he sort of freaks out anytime he gets in the car. anyone have suggestions for fixing this? we’re trying to desensitize him with lots of car trips but it’s not working.

they are starting to play together. neither pup has been around another for any extended amount of time so they’re trying to figure out how to play. it’s more like conner runs around and chloe jumps at him. cheap entertainment. but we’re loving being a two dog household. twice the amount of snugglers!


One Response to “our adoption is final”

  1. Ashlee August 12, 2010 at 3:50 pm #

    YAH! I was wondering if we could get any pictures of the new addition. So glad everyone is adjusting!

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