from couch to half marathon

12 Aug

i’ve realized i’m not the type of person that can exercise just to exercise. i need goals. and apparantly i like lofty ones.

goal #1: participate in a 5k.

i didn’t have goals of running the full length, i just wanted to finish in less than 35 minutes.

goal #2: participate in a half marathon.

big jump you say? well, yes it sure is. i planned on running 8 miles in the wine & dine half marathon relay with alex. before the event filled (before we could register) i began training pretty seriously. with like a real excel spreadsheet and everything. when i found out the event was full there might have been tears.

c’est la vie. i knew i had to figure out a new plan of action to keep me focused and motivated. i found a 15k to keep me on course. then i decided i wanted to sign up for the disney princess half. done. there aren’t words for how much i love disney. AND HARRY POTTER!!!! and i’m going to have both in one weekend darnit.

but last week alex and i added the kiawah half to the schedule. in december. just four months away. yikes.

i’ve now worked my way up to 7 miles.which i’m pretty psyched about. but that also means i’ve got 6.1 to go. keeping my schedule has been tough, there are a lot of days i would rather watch law & order reruns. as in this whole week. but i also know that i CAN do this. but only if i train and keep focused. so while i may bore you with my running talk over the next few months, bear with me, it’s my way of getting through this experience.

tonights 6 miler was on the sidewalk next to ft. lauderdale beach. while the scenery was gorgeous i felt like i was in a pinball machine dodging tourists. kept me on my toes. bwhahaha.

there were lots of showers/restrooms/water stops so if that’s your thing then you’re set. 🙂 my legs are really sore from the uneven pavers but i figure i’ll be ready to run on any terrain.

ps – did you know there are entire forums on the use of bear/bare in grammar? here’s what i learned today.


    • verb uncover and reveal.


   • verb (past bore; past part. borne)  5 manage to tolerate; endure: I can’t bear it. 6 (cannot bear) strongly dislike. 7 give birth to (a child). 8 (of a tree or plant) produce (fruit or flowers). 9 turn and proceed in a specified direction: bear left.

  — PHRASE bear with be patient or tolerant with.


One Response to “from couch to half marathon”

  1. Rosemary August 13, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    Keep up the good work, Kate! We’re so proud of you and Alex!

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