everyone’s favorite place to spend a friday afternoon

13 Aug

the airport. in sunny ft. lauderdale. where the great weather is taunting you. and you’re delayed going home.

delays when you’re leaving are far better than delays on your way home. i think they should be made illegal. “dear tsa, please make all flights home to atlanta super speed. hugs, kate. ”

i’ve recently decided that customer service has fallen by the wayside. it’s not that i’ve had one giant calamity of a bad experience, just like 50 very small experiences.

when i check into a hotel i expect the front desk attendant to smile, be friendly, and stop what they are doing to check my in. i know that they are busy folks but priority number one is to get me to my room. more and more i’ve noticed the front desk attendant is cranky and vacant. and as a side note, is it really a good idea to count hundreds of dollars in the hotel lobby in front of me? as in not my hundred-dollar bills but some rando persons cash? probably not.

and i know that the nice lady at the rental car counter got distracted by the lady driving out of the entrance (instead of exit) and popping all four tires but you made it a real inconvenience when i returned my car a few days later and you did not ever input my rental into the system. i did not like having to wait in line for 30 minutes for what should have been a 30 second transaction. this makes me cranky mccrankypants.

and restaurant server, i would have left you a much better tip if you had not included gratuity on my party of 2. 2! maybe that’s just a south florida thing.

and mr. big fella, i know that seats on the plane have decreased in size but please do not move into my personal space. you aren’t leaning on the fella on the opposite side like this, so why me? i’ve stopped  sitting in exit rows because i’ve noticed much higher increases in space invaders in exit rows.

ok, rant over. now on to board a flight which is always the most calming and relaxing experince. bwahahha.


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