i’m a cheater

19 Aug

you see i have a long-term relationship with my stylist. like 10+ years. like drive 3 hours to see her. like she has done every memeber of my family, my husband’s family, and my wedding. and i cheated on her. and even worse? i think it’s going to turn into a long-term affair.

it’s not that i don’t love my stylist, debbie. it’s just that getting to see her has been tough. the past few trips back to greenville have been short and without a haircut. my hair had gotten a little too long and desperately needed a cut.

then last saturday, i did the unthinkable: i made an appointment with someone else. and when i went to said appointment i really liked the result. so much so that i . . . . made another appointment with the new guy. i feel like i’m breaking up with an old friend, i’m not doing to get updates about her great kids or recent marriage. and i feel horrible! really truly guilty.

i was suckered in the moment her offered to give me a neck massage and there’s no going back. the makeup artist even offered a complimentary touch-up. i was too hungry to think about makeup but maybe next time. and then to seal the deal the salon offered 20% off all products today. i desperately needed a straightener and getting 20% off forced me to take the plunge into really good straightener land.

results: well i’m not into taking pictures of myself (and contrary to popular belief the below picture is not actually my rear end 🙂 ) so i did some google searching to find the picture new stylist showed me he would use as a guide.

mine is about an inch or two shorter than stacy’s here and yes, i do have long bangs. i like the look but they’re driving me a little crazy.

scouts honor if we move back to greenville i’m rekindling my relationship with debbie. really.


One Response to “i’m a cheater”

  1. Ashlee August 19, 2010 at 7:32 pm #

    I must see a picture! I tried the long bang thing…didn’t work out so much for me. Good Luck! I’m sure it looks great!

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