how you know your husband loves you . . .

23 Aug

when i find the cord that allows me to upload photos to my computer this post will be followed by a “how you know your dad loves you” post.

i’ve never been happy with the paint color of our bedroom. i mean i liked it but never LOVED it. i assumed it would grow on me. you know what they say about assuming . . .

so decided to repaint. just the ceiling for now. i’m toying with the walls as well but i figure living with it for a week or two to see how i feel about it will help. i’m going light to match the rest of what i call our key west color scheme. citron and pool. makes me want to leave for the beach, like now.

and because my hubby loves me so much he helped me repaint the ceiling. he hates painting. like a whole lot. so this was a mega big deal.

this is my before. not quite right.

i went with the color recommended by the folks that make the duvet. and this is the yellow/green i’m considering decisions, decisions.

why the rush on the ceiling? well we installed a new light fixture this weekend.

goodbye broken ceiling fan, hello modern pendant.

again, once i get a handy-dandy cord i’ll upload a real live room photo.


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