running fail

26 Aug

it all started of with good intentions. i searched for a local park, i dressed in my running finest, i packed light so i wouldn’t leave any valuables in my car.

i was excited about my first longer run on a cool 80 degree evening. the lovely park was even named after one of my favorite disney princesses: pocahontas park.

gorgeous, right?

then i pull up to park and wham! there’s a stinking fee to pay to go to the park. and i am without wallet because i don’t want to leave it in my car (in phoenix i saw a car that was broken into during someones run and it wasn’t pretty).

the money taker lady took no pity on me and made me turn around.

so tonight instead of feeling a runners high, i drink a strawberry margarita.

i also won a snuggie. i guess i can’t complain.


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