hometown shout out

31 Aug

ok, so i can’t really claim a hometown because i lived in 4 cities before the age of 14. but i call atlanta home now so that’s what we’re going with today.

i’m not in atlanta all that often so when i am i’m either 1) permanently fixed on my couch 2) enjoying my newfound love of running on my favorite parks path or 3) eating somewhere yummy (which then leads me back to 2).

alex and i have recently spent our saturday lunches in downtown roswell. it’s about a 15 minute drive and actually where we lived when i first moved to atlanta a few year ago. i love the “square” in roswell. it’s what you picture when you think of main street usa: local restaurants, antique shopping, walkability.

what’s been bringing us back? pie.

seriously yummy pie. seriously the best pie i’ve ever had (thank the lord she doesn’t make lemon meringue because i’m quite partial to my mother’s receipe).

we’ve sampled a new pie each week and thus far we’ve tried the mango key lime, mixed berry, orange buttermilk, chocolate chess, blackberry, even the chicken pot pie is amazing. i think she may be putting addictive stimulants in the crust because i just can’t get enough.

she introduced mini cream cheese pound cakes this week and i’m going to be honest, it’s the best pound cake i’ve ever put in my mouth. and my mouth has savoured a lot of pound cake. it’s usually the highlight of my family reunion. think i could repackage one of hers as my own? promise not to tell? 🙂

just as charming as the pie? the small shop atmosphere. she posts each day on facebook the pies that she serving that day and people are immediately making their reservations for a slice (or a whole pie). when you make it in the shop she marks off the pies as inevitably sell out.

and the fitting name? the pie hole. it’s right next to a yoga studio. we always get a little chuckle out of that.

we also love autentico inc. which boasts latin street food. aka awesome tacos. ok, they don’t just have tacos but their tacos are unreal good. downtown roswell is also home to our favorite thai restaurant, rice. on the outside it looks like a quaint little house but on the inside you’ll see the articles praising the food and their top 25 ranking (in the country — go rice!).

but lately? it’s been all about the pie. or the pound cake. and i would know because i ate half of one of sunday. great hangover cure by the way. that and sweating it out running nine miles. today has been a pie kind of day so i’m especially craving her crust — this weekend can’t get here fast enough!


One Response to “hometown shout out”

  1. Alma-Katherine Hunter September 1, 2010 at 7:51 am #

    How come you haven’t taken me??? That sounds absolutely awesome! Love the name, too!

    Miss you. Mom

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