good mornin’

11 Sep

hi everyone! it’s 9 am hong kong time and i just woke up to see that my tigers thoroughly hammered presbyterian college. phew. 🙂

i made it to hong kong safe and sound. quite uneventful. which is how i like my flying. the flight was a little under half full so i was able to take advantage of my empty row and catch some zzz’s. first class? not necessary when you can stretch your legs over three seats. i probably slept 7 hours or so of the flight. finally watched all of julie & julia. watched the first half of sherlock holmes and jennifers body. caught up on some csi. exciting stuff. alex is probably going to kill me, but i didn’t read but one of the 8 magazines i brought with me. i’m thinking those will be helpful for the triple connection on the way home next week.

julie (my work co-hort) and i landed about 7:30 HK time, went through immigration (where they just sort of stamp your passport, nod, then you leave) and picked up my bag. our client recommended that we take some sort of shuttle which ended up being the most ridiculously plush bus i’ve ever been on. we oooh’d and ahhh’d over the hk skyline at night and were thrilled to check into our hotel so we could shower. i’m not gonna lie, i’m pretty sure i smelled. it happens.

but we didn’t just go get into bed. oh, no. hong kong is a late-night town and we knew we should try to get ourselves on their time asap. so we took a cab to the central district. and my oh my. the best way to describe it was like a really intense bourbon street. i had flashbacks of spring break. but we were hungry, and it was 11 pm so we had to find some grub.

we were turned down at 3 or 4 places before we found a cool russian restaurant. you’re probably thinking, “kate, what are you doing eating russian in hong kong?” i was hungry and they would serve me. so there. and it was sooooo good. loved it. they even had an ice room where you could wear fur coats and take shots of vodka. we entered the ice room for about 5 minutes but did no drinking or fur coat wearing.

here’s julie enjoying our lamb chops

the russian folk band – i don’t have a picture of this but the table right in front of the band was russian and sang folk songs with the group. i started thinking, what the heck would americans sing if we had an american folk band?

our lamb schwarma being fired up. it’s not really called and schwarma i just can’t remember the real name so that’s what i called it all night.

in the cold room. it was quite cold.

and i think this might be me and lenin. yikes. with belevedere in the background.

so that’s my first night wrap-up. we’re going to play tourists today and then have to (boo!) work tomorrow. have a great weekend everyone.


2 Responses to “good mornin’”

  1. Alma-Katherine Hunter September 11, 2010 at 9:22 pm #

    Wow…I can’t believe you are blogging already! Your flight sounds better than expected…good to get sleep! The Russian restaurant sounds really neat…a cold room? I can’t wait to read what you did when you played tourist. I’m so jealous…love you bunches. Mom

  2. Holly September 13, 2010 at 7:51 am #

    You even sported some orange in HK! Did you bring your Tiger Rag? If so, photo Op time! Have fun!

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