just another day in asia pacific

15 Sep

the work day starts late so i’ve got a little time to update before starting training. my hotel internet was not working this morning but i’ve come in a little early just to say hello.

funny things that happened yesterday:

i realized my out of office reply had a spelling error. no one told me. i mentioned this to the gal i’m working with and she told me, “yeah, i noticed. i probably should have told you.” thanks julie.

my blackberry mysteriously started working last night. until then, i hadn’t been able to send/receive emails and i reached in my purse and saw the red light blinking at dinner last night. even stranger-my work friends blackberry is still not working. i’ll take what i can get.

we met up with two of our co-workers that are in town last night – one from australia and another from our charleston office. our australian friend knows a few people here and we tagged along with her for the most amazing meal i’ve had here yet. we went to a vietnamese restaurant with a line out the door from open to close. and it was worth the wait. he ordered for all of us and we just ate every morsel of food we were served. LOVED it. i knew i liked pho but there was something amazing about the version we had.

it wasn’t a particularly eventful night of sightseeing but we were able to go to SoHo and take a ride on the “longest escalator in the world.” i’m going to break some sad news to you. it’s not really an escalator. it’s a moving sidewalk. but still very long nonetheless. i think i mentioned that hong kong is very mountainous but you can get a sense of that from some a couple of these pictures. i’m standing in the middle of the hill looking up/down.

this may sound a bit silly but i’m so used to only seeing things written in chinese being official warnings or messages that sometimes i’ll look around and i’ll be thrown. they’re probably advertising for dog food and i wouldn’t know the difference. 🙂

here’s julie and i on the escalator

i should also mention that my hair has not seen a straightener in almost a week so please excuse my ‘fro. and below is a picture of my drinking a baby coconut. this isn’t a mixed drink, literally a baby coconut. you drink the milk and then scoop out the good stuff. it was quite delicious.

on today’s agenda: dim sum. yum. and hopefully some shopping.


One Response to “just another day in asia pacific”

  1. Alma-Katherine Hunter September 15, 2010 at 10:15 pm #

    Wow…oh, by the way, such a cute dress you have on! I can tell that you and Julie are definitely enjoying the cuisine of the Orient! The coconut looks so yummy. Have you done any clothes shopping…I wonder how the sizes compare?

    And, your hair looks beautiful!…as always! Love you bunches. All is okay here. Take care of yourself. I can’t wait to see you and hear all about your trip! Love, Mom

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