it was bound to happen

17 Sep

my stomach is finicky. it doesn’t like most fast foods (save micky d’s chicken nuggets) and apparently 5K races. this trip i was surprised to see my stomach handling the traveling quite well. that came to a screeching halt with last nights dinner.

we met up with our other work friend and headed down to “Central” for a true Cantonese dining experience. FYI: The Hong Kong population is 95% Cantonese whereas mainland China is Mandarin. Two very different languages and according to our friendly trainees, Mandarin is the easier of the two languages to pick up. and i really want to bring home a small hong kong child. cutest kids ever and they’re small, so they would fit in my luggage.

here’s Julie and Matt at dinner:

we ordered a pre set menu and when we realized all the dishes had come we were still really hungry. so matt ordered another bottle of wine and a peking duck. i basically had two food goals: dim sum and peking duck. check and check. another fun fact, wine is not so big in asia. like, as in, it’s pretty bad. but i digress.

the peking duck is a whole presentation experience. a nice little fella comes and hand carves your duck. it’s served to you on a platter where you can make what are essentially tiny duck burritos.

i don’t have any pictures of the full carving because that was devoured in about two seconds. and then we took a picture in a foundation. because everyone knows you have to take your picture in a fountain in hong kong. 🙂

and then my stomach exploded. all night. it was graphic. today has been tough! but hey, only a few more days before i head back so i better enjoy every second, right?


One Response to “it was bound to happen”

  1. Alma-Katherine Hunter September 17, 2010 at 11:21 am #

    Peking duck…yum! Maybe you could get a job as a food critic for Gourmet! I am so glad you are having a great time and being with friends is terrific…I wish Alex could be with you!

    I love your blog…it feels like I am talking to you…you write really well.

    Love you bunches…Mom

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