checking out the scenery

20 Sep

i let julie play event planner this whole trip. and she did a great job finding fun places to go. she read about neighboring lamma island and mapped out our morning. hong kong and kowloon are very much big cities, lamma island is more bohemian/island feeling. it’s known for fishing villages and scenery more so than versace and bright lights.

the ferry over was just gorgeous, with the city on one side and lots of small islands on the other. we were able to capture a lot of great pictures. we hiked through the village to a path that takes you from one end of the island to the other. we walked about 45 minutes through some pretty steep inclines to get to a beach and then on to a lookout point. if you look closely in my pictures you’ll see one of a small chinese-style roof from very far away and then just below the view from that lookout.


after our hike we walked back to town for lunch. you literally picked your lunch out of the tank. can’t get any fresher. it was a bit awkward and i felt slightly sad for the fishes. we picked out a big ‘ole lobster, which was delicious but a big fat tourist rip off, and snacked on prawns and squid. fantastic lunch. we caught the next ferry and headed back to our hotels for showers and then attempting to shop.

shopping here is really strange. it’s either super high-end (lots of versace, chanel, hermes, etc.) or the complete opposite. finding souvenirs has been very difficult because i want to bring back trinkets people will like but that won’t cost me $300. tougher than i thought. and the shopping culture makes me feel incredibly awkward. someone literally follows you around the store. standing two feet behind you. staring at you. i want to shout, “i’m american, pretend to be busy because i’m weirded out.” but i haven’t. i’m going on one last-ditch effort tonight, else everyone gets mooncakes. which is another story.


One Response to “checking out the scenery”

  1. Alma-Katherine Hunter September 21, 2010 at 10:44 am #

    The pictures are fabulous! I can’t wait to see all the pictures you have and to hear all about it! What a fantastic trip! Julie seems like the ideal person to be touring with. I had never heard of Looma island…it is just beautiful. You are a very lucky young woman! Miss you. Mom

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